"Six generations of creative innovation in machinery"

Cloostermans stands for creative innovation in machinery. We are driven by the search for excellence, the focus to achieve goals and challenges set by clients and the determination to strengthen long lasting relationships in confidentiality with our international customers.

Cloostermans is specialized in customized and innovative turnkey project solutions. Machines are Engineered to order. All project aspects can be provided in house : mechanical and electrical engineering, manufacturing, assembly and integration/testing.

Discover our world of innovative machinery.

Cloostermans was founded in 1884 and has been a privately owned company for six generation and continuing.

Located in Hamme, central to Brussels and Antwerp, we are easily accessible for clients and suppliers.

Connect people and transform challenges into unique and innovative solutions. Cloostermans upholds a passion for people and their talents. We want to create partnerships and strengthen long lasting relationships

The company was founded in 1884 by Désiré Huwaert. At that time, Hamme was known for its textile industry, and the company served the industry as repair shop. Désiré Huwaert died in 1893 and Clémént took over his father's business.

Flourishing at the beginning of the 20th century, the company's employees grew to 13 in 1913. Besides textile, the company became specialist in building small machines. These first machines were winding machines, braiding machines and looms.

During WWI the firm had to be closed down. In 1922 Désiré Huwaert followed his father as leader of the company. Before WWII he had 80 employees and the company had become a full-fledged work shop with its own foundry. The machines had become bigger, more modern and more accurate. Unfortunately, the production decreased because of WWII and the number of employees was reduced to 25.

In the meantime Gerard Cloostermans (in 1919), cousin of Désiré had joined, and was adopted by Désiré in 1943. When Désiré Huwaert died two years later, Gerard Cloostermans took over. The business activity was extended with the production of cooking pots and pans for electric and gas stoves, which ceased in 1967.

Cloostermans started manufacturing cable turning machines in 1950. The foundry moved to the Kanunnik De Meyerlaan in 1959 to enlarge the assembly possibilities.

When Gerard died in 1963, his wife and son Désiré, became head of the company. The production field broadened and diversified, and the machines became more and more specialized.

Bekaert, who had been a big client, became associate partner in 1969. The industrial territory was enlarged with a new machine work place and a foundry with electric ovens and moved to the industrial area 'Zwaarveld'. However, the production was limited to steel wires and derivatives, under the influence of Bekaert.

When the cooperation between Bekaert and Désiré Cloostermans ended in 1974, he restarted in the Kanunnik De Meyerlaan. The official name became 'D. Cloostermans - Huwaert N.V.' (DCH), of which the logo is a representative of.

From that moment on, the company targeted turnkey projects and development of specialized machines on demand.

Through the years the company expanded to the current size of 30.000m², of which 16.000m² building facility, and 280 employees.

The strength of our engineering lies in its approach, which is user centered, simple, customized, flexible in changes and based on science as well as on expertise.

Simulations such as Kinematics, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Servo Motion Analysis, Interactive and virtual technical documentation with SAP-VE, ... help us analyze, optimize and validate our Mechanical Engineering with an important step to the Electrical Engineering in the early stage of a project.

Electrical hardware engineering of elementaries and software programming for PLC controls, servo motion and HMI operator interfaces.

Cloostermans uses the latest IT-technologies to improve engineering and collaborates with the customer to reduce time-to-market of new products.

Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering team handles the upstream conceptualization & detailed engineering through a 2D & 3D multi-CAD environment.

Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering contains the programming of PLC controllers HMI operator interface, Servo Controls and hardware elementaries.

Cloostermans has the full in-house capability through
  • Milling machines
  • Turning and drillling
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • 3D Printing

A network of long-time suppliers can handle the highly repetitive work and non-confidential parts fabrication.

The vast manufacturing taskforce output is driven by quality, lead time and cost efficiency.
New networking technologies lead to improved load & process times.



We realize the mechanical assembly together with the electrical field wiring and panel building.

Our continuous innovation exists in combining engineering, fabrication and assembly through an improvement loop into higher efficiency machines ready for vertical startups at the productions plants, providing superior customer confidence.

Take a look at some of our machines

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Cloostermans will be closed on following dates:

November 1st 2022
November 11th 2022
December 26th 2022

D.Cloostermans-Huwaert NV is always searching for experienced and skilled individuals with the initiative and talent to make a difference in our company.
In addition to the opportunity to grow professionally, D.Cloostermans-Huwaert NV offers the following benefits:

     • Competitive salary
     • Group insurance
     • Pension fund
     • Hospitalization insurance
     • Lunch Passes

  Cloostermans is currently looking to fill following positions :
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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us: jobs@cloostermans.com

Cloostermans is een middelgrote onderneming die internationaal actief is in het ontwikkelen en maken van machines op maat. We verbinden mensen en technologie en streven ernaar om het hoogste niveau van innovatie en kwaliteit aan onze klanten aan te bieden. We hebben een oog voor gepassioneerde mensen die samen met ons de huidige en toekomstige uitdagingen willen aangaan.

Onze activiteiten worden gekenmerkt door een grote variatie aan innoverende Technologieen die van ons bedrijf en van onze medewerkers een grote flexibiliteit en teamgeest vragen. Onze organisatie wordt gekenmerkt door een vlakke organisatiestructuur en een informele open bedrijfscultuur.

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